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Tokyo, 07.10 - 09.10 1999

vp7 is developing a multilingual dictionary on Information Design.

We hope to collect a great variety of terms and explanations, to cover the most diverse areas of Information Design Theory, Research and Application.

The dictionary will be published in japanese, english, and your own languages.

How to do it:

Propose at least 3 terms that you wish to define, clarify, explain or interpret. they should be close or specific to your current professional activities.

Use simple, dictionary-like language, and please stay within 200 to 500 characters for each explanation.

Visuals, diagrams, and other examples that help illustrate your point, are greatly appreciated!

Please send us your submission in both your native language AND in english! we will take care of the japanese translation.

The small print:

With your submission, you transfer all the rights for publication to vp7. in turn, we assure proper credit to you as the author of your quote.

In some occasions, the vp7 PR team may need to edit your submitted material. in any such case, we will submit all edits to you for approval before publication.

We're looking forward to your thoughts and ideas. from all of us, thank you very much for your help!