diversification of minds - conversation in processes
design for communities

Tokyo, 07.10 - 09.10 1999

10 07 pm<Case Studies of Information Design Strategies>
moderated by Nahm-Sik Lee, IDAS, Seoul, Korea

Case studies of Information Design strategies

Harmonizing Oriental Passion with Western Rationalism
One of the most popular buzzwords in design is 'User-Centered Design' which emphasizes the user's view point. UCD can create new values in information design by understanding people's experiences. The design strategy is concerned with the organization and transfer of information and knowledge. However, depending upon the personal and cultural background, people's perception is quite different. Designers need to build up an adequate strategy to cope with the design's context and individual user's experiences. In this session, three prominent designers will present up to date cases of 'designing experiences'.

The theme of visionplus7 - 'design for communities' will give us a chance to understand the cultural differences between oriental and western societies, and also will teach us the wisdom of design strategy which can bridge the gap between cultures. Here are several examples of 'designing experiences' through oriental passion.

(1) A single-log bridge
Oksan Suhwon, a Traditional Korean University, was established 500 years ago. To access this university, everybody has to cross the 10m long and 30cm wide single-log bridge. The frightening experience should alert the students not only to cross safely but also to be attentive in class.

(2) Floor of Japanese Castle
One of the interesting experiences inside Japanese castles is the artificial noise from the floor. These floors, producing acoustic safety warnings, work as a security device.

(4) Revolving Sushi
One of the interesting experiences for visitors new to Japan are the revolving sushi restaurants, 'Kaiten Sushi'. The many different types of sushi make it difficult to order. However, as in 'Kaiten Sushi' each sushi is clearly displayed on a conveyor belt, it is easy for everybody to make a selection..

(5) DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)
One of the most popular currentstreet games is 'DDR' by Konami, a game which provides whole body experiences by dancing to the music, following instructions displayed on a screen facing the user.

All these examples of 'designing experiences' are expressions of the very oriental way of thinking such as the concern for the integration of humans and nature, consideration for others, the expression of internal passion, and oriental humor.

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