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Tokyo, 07.10 - 09.10 1999

10 07 pm<Case Studies of Information Design Strategies>
Bill Moggridge, Ideo, San Francisco, USA

Shared Interfaces

7 case studies will be shown to illustrate some IDEO ideas about shared interfaces

'A community begins at home'
an Internet Phone for Mitsui Comtek
Can you use it to find out what's for lunch today at school? Does it tell you about the latest baseball results? Can you leave a message for Granny with it? If the answers are yes, and the whole family wants to use it, perhaps you have an Internet appliance.

'Natural connections'
3 goldfish and a computer for NCR Knowledge Lab.
Live goldfish in an aquarium are used to control the display of a database of information in the lobby of the Knowledge Lab in London, so that visitors can get an engaging but abstracted impression of the confidential research going on inside.

'A virtual bookshelf and bookstore'
an electronic book for Softbook
The e.book connects automatically and directly to the web site when plugged in to an ordinary phone line, extending the information from a personal appliance to a shared virtual space. The appearance and behavior of the user interface is the same in both personal and shared spaces.

'Sharing what you wear'
an interactive exhibit with Interval Research
The exhibit asks people to show what they carry with them in their bags and pockets, and records photographs of the contents, with comments from the owners. The resulting information is compiled into a digital database, to be browsed by the participants, and forming part of an ongoing research enquiry into portability.

'A support network'
Health Buddy for the Health Hero Network
Patients stay connected to their doctors from home, aided by the health monitoring unit that asks questions at periodic intervals about how the patients feel, what they have eaten and their medications. The doctor uses a web browser to track progress and detect potential problems.

'Working together in a community of practice'
interactive space for Steelcase
People want to work together in a space that helps them to access information fluently, and connects them to others who are far away. Networks allow people to work from home, or contribute to teamwork without being with the other people physically. The space becomes the surface on which information can be displayed, whether electronically or with traditional media.

'Sharing one to one'
A kiss communicator
This exploration allows an exchange of emotional information between two lovers, by creating a handheld device that sees the pattern in a blown kiss. You blow on the central slot and the electronics translate the impulse into a series of pulsating lights, which are then transmitted to your partner.

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