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Tokyo, 07.10 - 09.10 1999

10 07 am<Vision Plus: The Challenge>
Peter Simlinger, IIID Director, Austria

The first 'Vision Plus' symposium was the central event within an IIID Advanced Studies Course in 1995. 'Vision Plus' is now re-orienting itself to the original idea of supporting the IIID University Project, IDU, which IIID is authorized to develop under the auspices of UNESCO.

Among the various activities of IIID, the IDU is by far the most ambitious, and relates to another of its projects. a global network of information design experts.

'Vision Plus' symposiums give talented and promising experts an opportunity to present their insights to a highly interested but also highly critical audience. What is needed are experts with vision. IIID's aim is to identify such individuals in order to gradually create a 'pool of competence'.

We must monitor the meta-trends in production and marketing, consumer behavior and life styles. We also must be aware of the lasting values inherent in traditions and conventions. We must continuously ask ourselves: How can information design contribute to a better life? For which service are clients prepared to pay? And which context is decisive for the value of our services?

There are three notions which I consider to be of prime importance:
1. Information design is the key to successful knowledge transfer.
2. Knowledge transfer to facilitate task related activities needs to be adjusted from time to time.
3. Interactive information design safeguards the constant optimization of knowledge transfer.

The 'interactive multi-media' concept, devoted to the problem solving within a defined frame of reference may be part of the philosophy I am looking for. However, a much broader approach is required, an approach which leads to the re-definition of design.

"Problem-solving needs to be contrasted with the process of Œdesign¹, which moves forward to a need. We must certainly stop using the term Œproblem-solving¹ to cover all thinking, since this restricts us to one small aspect of thinking."
(Edward de Bono)

It is essential that we focus on the needs underlying all task-related activities.

A wealth of needs govern 'Design for communities'. So visionplus7 might become the most relevant symposium which has been organized under the flag of IIID so far. I am proud to see it happening in Tokyo. Both the location and the enlightened speakers promise to make 'Vision Plus' 7 an unparalleled event, bridging East and West, thus contributing visions to a concept of communicating communities not only on a regional but also on a global scale. It was I believe a very enlightened decision on the part of UNESCO to grant patronage to this important event, and I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincere gratitude.

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