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Tokyo, 07.10 - 09.10 1999

10 08 am<Models For New Information Design Interfaces>
Bill Verplank, Interval Research, Palo Alto, USA

Tangible Interaction Design

As computers move off the desktop into the world, Information Design and Interaction Design will move off the screen into tangible objects and surfaces. When instrumented, tagged and tracked, all the things we touch are potential interfaces. In contrast, the interfaces of the future might be intangible and invisible. Which do you prefer?

In 1993 we started research on tangible interaction design at Interval Research. Instrumented tiles on a sorting-board were used for three experiments: video annotating [Cohen, '99], audio mixing [Singer '99] and game programming.

The advantages are multi-person, muliti-point interaction but there are problems with focus and feedback: where do you look for the effect of your action?

A multi-object tracking system is now ready for the toy market from a spin-off of Interval: Ellie's Garden from Zowie Intertainment. [Shwe '99]

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